Côa / Côa Valley Archaeological Park, Portugal

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The Côa River is a tributary of the Douro River, in central and northeastern Portugal. It is one of the few Portuguese rivers that flows south to north.
Thousands of ancient carvings in stone were discovered in the Côa Valley in the 1980s and 1990s. These are of particular interest due to the high concentration of Paleolithic art, and because these carvings are found outside of caves, on rocks in plain sight: Jean Clottes, a prominent French prehistorian, had confirmed that "is the biggest open air site of paleolithic art in Europe, if not in the world". The Côa Valley Archaeological Park, opened in 1996, was declared a protected UNESCO world heritage site in 1998.

(N 40 54.234 / W 7 06.203) / Camera data: Vertorama (two pictures), 24mm, 1/80sec, f/11, ISO100



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